Wayne & Belinda

When my wife and I decided to replace our old faithful BBQ with a wood fired oven, we didn’t quite realise the number of manufacturers/importers that were available. Countless hours of research and I found myself always coming back to the Melbourne Fire Brick Co. range of ovens.

However, I was facing a dilemma in that the smallest oven in the range was still too big for the space I had available. I rang and spoke to the Sales Manager, Adam, who told me that they where indeed working on a new precast model, the 'P85', that was smaller than the others, but was still many weeks away from being released.

I wanted it now and after a little coaxing Ben (the owner) agreed, and a few weeks later our “little brat” roared to life. Both Ben and Adam where great, assisting me with answers to any questions I had along the way and it all came together with relative ease.

While it may lack the physical size of its big brothers it certainly lacks nothing in its ability to get up to and hold temperature. From great pizza’s to roasts and slow cooking this little fella does the lot easily.

If you are in the market for a wood fired oven but are maybe put off by the size of the bigger ovens then the P85 is worth consideration.

Thanks Guys, Wayne and Belinda.