Paul N.

I would like to congratulate Ben and the Melbourne Fire Brick Company on meeting and exceeding all my expectations. After much web research I selected their P85 precast oven because of its size, heating time, cost, and anticipated ease of construction (achieved).

I live in a small country town in South Australia and the shipping cost was very reasonable and easy to track. Ben was extremely helpful during the buying phase and I got what was ordered delivered on time. The plans and videos provided a wealth of information on all aspects of how to put it together and what to do, and not do to get a great pizza oven.

Ben also provided great help on the two instances I had to call for advice. I now have a good looking, very functional outdoor cooking area because not only can I make pizza but I am also doing great roasts, hotpots, grills and home made bread. Thank you for a terrific product and great support.