Tas Osianlis

Hi Ben,

I am just reaching out to say thanks for the excellent pizza oven kit. I took delivery last year and slowly built it over several months - now that its over I am kind of disappointed, I miss the build!

Anyway the kit was excellent, the materials were provided in perfect quantities. I even have left over castable which I am planning to use with the formwork to create an inner door lining for the oven door held apart with stainless bolts. I will send photos when done.

The thermal properties of the oven are brilliant, the oven holds temperature beautifully and I am amazed how an internal wall of 250 degrees can be completely cold to the touch outside. I am planning to dress up my creation over the coming weeks - I do like the idea of building up the base of the oven and dressing it all in stone.

Here are some photos. I should have taken some shots of the whole lamb we slow cooked in there for Easter. It was a great departure from the usual Greek recipe of cooking over a spit.

Those You Tube videos were fantastic. I found them to be an enormous help. Great work and thanks.