David C.

We are thrilled with our Fourno, and it has become a real feature of the backyard. It is a piece of art in more ways than one!!
We have used it to create, and enjoy amazing food, infused with the beautiful flavours of red gum. It has proved very versatile from conventional pizza making, to slow cooking of meats and vegetables. More recently we have cooked amazing fish meals, and experimented with flame grilled steaks.

Atlas Dining

I believe we gave the Melbourne Fire Brick Company one of their toughest challenges yet. We needed a completely custom designed Hearth as well as suspended Firepit and a D130 Wood fire oven. They were completely reliable and did the job to an extremely high standard. I will use them again in the future and look forward to maintaining relationships with the true professionals they are. 

Adrian Z

The D95 PreCut Brick Oven Kit took two of us a full weekend to do the bulk of the construction and finishing touches whenever I had spare time. Thanks for a great product and being on the end of the phone whenever I had a silly question that needed an answer.

Cheers, Adrian

Tas Osianlis

Hi Ben,

I am just reaching out to say thanks for the excellent pizza oven kit. I took delivery last year and slowly built it over several months - now that its over I am kind of disappointed, I miss the build!

Anyway the kit was excellent, the materials were provided in perfect quantities. I even have left over castable which I am planning to use with the formwork to create an inner door lining for the oven door held apart with stainless bolts. I will send photos when done.