If you want one of our Wood Fired Ovens or Fireplaces professionally installed we have a list of stonemasons that we recommend. These artisans have undergone a rigorous accreditation process with our company to earn the title of Flamesmith - an expert in building our products. This is something that we have invested serious time and resources into - when we recommend a Flamesmith to work for you, we're guaranteeing that their work and customer service will be of the highest possible standard.

They're representing us, so for that reason our list of Flamesmiths is a short and exclusive one.




Email: thebrickchef@gmail.com
Instagram: @thebrickchef
Area: Melbourne and the greater Victoria area.

Sam is our longest serving Flamesmith. Trained as a stonemason by his father Antonio, Sam is an artisan in the true sense of the word. Sam worked as a full-time Flamesmith for us for nearly three years, honing and perfecting the art of building our Wood Fired Oven Kits and Fireplaces. Now a free-agent, we could not recommend him more highly. With an exceptional work ethic and a fine eye for detail, Sam is a pleasure to deal with.

To get a quote more quickly please email through photos of the intended build site, including photos showing site access. Include whether you require a stand built and any trimming done such as rendering and tiling around the oven. This will make it easier for Sam to accurately quote your build.

Follow the link to his Instagram to see some of his work.

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Email: scott@stb.net.au
Phone: 0414 444 413
Area: Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane


Becoming a Flamesmith

If you're interested in becoming a Flamesmith please Contact Us.