Franco Muleta

Hi Ben,

How are you going! l would like to mention l have mastered the temperature of the wood fired oven. Last Saturday night, my children (all 3 were born in the same month) had a  Birthday party, 40 guests where invited.

The D130 was cooking; chargrilled vegetables antipasto style, a roast Porchetta 6kg and 22 hand stretched pizza’s with a twist!. The oven was fired around 10am slowly, l was unable to slow cook the roast and vegetables and then heat the oven up to 400 degrees for the pizza’s, this oven is the BOMB, a great design and a joy to work with, at 5.30pm Sunday night the oven was still at 100 degrees, thermal heat.

The guests ate around the oven, the extra landing around the oven worked a treat, l used for the first time the hand forged tools, so effortless to use, most of the men wanted to have a go using the tools, the oven and tools where the talk of the night.

My family and friends where amazed at the feast, the flavours, the meat was juicy and tasty, and the pizza’s where the best l have done, all on the deck with out trays, l have also learnt how to turn the pizza while in the oven! The night was a hit, thank you for a fantastic brick oven. l spent most of the night explaining the construction of the oven, and l gave out your factory address and phone number, l hope they contact you.

I have enjoyed your uploads, and the new customers your sending my way, they have all asked for my pizza dough recipe!.

 l have heard your taking on the overseas market, I'm sure you're do very well!