Gotthard Rotert Mk1

I purchased my first D105 about 2 years ago from the Melbourne Fire brick company, and can only praise the company’s efficiency and help from shipping to end of construction, always very helpful with constructive advice.

The first oven (Mark1) is situated in Hervey Bay and included an extension of the outdoor area with 200mm posts from African Ironwood , which were salvaged from oil installation platforms in Nigeria, submerged in saltwater for over 30 years.  The front of the oven posts is the same wood, the top surround tiled with high gloss Italian porcelain tiles, dome painted with acrylic paint, sides of the oven stand tiled same as the outdoor area floor with Himalayan sandstone.

After relocating to Victoria Point, south of Brisbane, we planned the second oven (D105) where details were discussed in detail with Ben, including flue gallery and flue kit. When planning the oven stand it was extended in length to give more space for pizza trays, wine glasses etc.

The construction went as smooth as Mark 1 , while generous advice was given by the Melbourne Fire Brick Company. Side walls are again tiled with remainder of our Himalayan Sandstone, two posts in the front African Ironwood and landing is tiled with Australian Granite tiles and the dome tiled with Mexican, hand-painted  “Tallavera tiles” with about 30 different motifs in the oven dome.

The D105 is a beautiful piece of engineering which keeps the temperature for at least two days, (fired on Sunday afternoon, on Monday it would be down to 220 C, on Tuesday evening down to 150C). We are enjoying the oven with family and friends and baking pizza, roasts, camp oven stew and organic Sourdough Rye bread.

I cannot praise the Melbourne Fire brick company more, would recommend them to anybody, great instructions, brilliant and friendly support, great design.