Chris Hatfield

Ben and his team at The Melbourne Fire Brick Company are absolute proof that when you can blend your passion with your work life the enthusiasm it generates sells the product effortlessly. My wife and I have had our D105 Pizza Oven since May and already it’s paid for itself in fun, enjoyment and good food so it’s high time I expressed my appreciation and gratitude to the team.

In late November last year having planned and begun foundations for a Pizza Oven which I was planning to purchase pre built from Hardware Chain, something was just not feeling right about the investment so I went online and quickly found the Melbourne Fire Brick Company. Immediately I was sold by Ben’s natural enthusiasm and no hard sell and compared to anything I’d seen the ovens were truly a thing of beauty. Having completed 18 months of weekends paving around our property in Red Brick I toyed with the idea of getting the kit delivered and having a go at building the oven as Ben has been meticulous in supplying plans and videos to support DIY. I do a lot DIY around the house but have always known my limitations and as well as being a little over bricks and mortar I could see this truly was specialist job even with the plans so I enquired about the price.

Having received the quote I did not hesitate and I’ve never regretted the decision and we’re regularly entertaining, eating pizza, roasts and homemade bread now rather than looking at a half finished oven.  The installation was seamless and done with complete professionalism. Sam Fraraccio’s craftsmanship was a pleasure to watch. It remains an inspiration to me to see a young man carrying on the skills passed down father to son over generations. The after sales service is equally fantastic and the equipment Ben has sourced particularly the tools are such brilliant quality to compliment the investment. So to anyone reading this I’d say if you are in the market for a Pizza Oven buy from Melbourne Fire Brick Company and make the additional investment of having the guys do the installation for you.

As spring approaches I can’t begin to tell you the amount of joy we’re getting out of going to the Dandenong Market buying fresh produce and how lucky we feel to be connected to our wonderfully multicultural community all there with a love of food and family. That’s enough in itself but now we arrive home to our traditional oven as centrepiece to our back yard, build a fire, open a good bottle of red wine and feel more that a little bit connected to Italy. We truly are the lucky country to live in a country that has welcomed such diversity into our community over the last 60 years  and maybe it’s Pizza Ovens that will help the community realise that’s got to be Australia’s future as well.

Thanks to all the team.